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We offer agile software development services to deliver effective outcomes in projects with undefined scope, a high probability of change, or multiple stakeholders involved.

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Our Offerings for Agile Software Development Services

Need agile software development services? Then you’re in the right place.


Backend Development

Manages server-side logic, databases, and application architecture to ensure web applications function well.

Frontend Development

Creates the visual and interactive elements of websites and apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Embedded Software

Develops programs for devices with specific functions like microcontrollers and IoT devices, requiring low-level programming.

Open Source Software

Provides freely available source code for community collaboration and transparency.

Cloud Software

Offers applications and services over the internet, allowing remote access via cloud platforms.

Desktop Software

Runs locally on personal computers or laptops, functioning without constant internet connectivity.

B2B Software

Facilitates operations, communications, and transactions between businesses.

B2C Software

Designed for individual consumers, enhancing their experience with user-friendly interfaces and direct services.

Industries We offer Agile Software Development Services

We are versatile and provide our services across a wide range of industries. Here is a brief overview of the sectors we cover:

Got Questions?

If your industry isn’t listed, no problem! Just send us an inquiry, and we’ll let you know if a collaboration is possible. Additionally, we always offer advice to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

Industries We offer Agile Software Development Services

We are versatile and provide our services across a wide range of industries. Here is a brief overview of the sectors we cover:

Got Questions?

f your industry isn’t listed, no problem! Just send us an inquiry, and we’ll let you know if a collaboration is possible. Additionally, we always offer advice to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

Our Portfolio for Agile Software Development Services

We develop your application using these languages and frameworks








C / C++















Spring Boot



React Native





Unreal Engine



















Google Cloud









Looker Studio



Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator







How our agile software development services works

We operate like your internal IT department.


In this phase, current business processes are documented, and existing software is analyzed. Business requirements and concerns are identified, risks are assessed, and risk mitigation measures are planned. Functional and technical requirements are created, along with a project plan with key milestones. For commercial products, we include competitive analysis, target audience analysis, and product concept development. Product differentiation and market barriers are also established. (2-3 weeks for commercial products)

Architecture, UX, and UI Design

The software architecture is defined, including technologies, data flows, and integration points. We develop UX studies, user journey maps, wireframes, and clickable prototypes, and create a branded UI kit. A visual identity analysis and design concept are conducted. A unique UI design is only used if it provides a clear competitive advantage. (2 weeks - 1 month)

Development, Testing, and MVP Launch

The first working version can be delivered in up to a month, depending on the project. Development is carried out in an agile manner with 2-week releases and continuous testing. Feedback is incorporated, user acceptance tests are conducted, monitoring processes are set up, and a test implementation is performed for 1-3 months.

Project Handover

At project completion, an evaluation is conducted, knowledge is transferred to the internal IT team, and a final report is provided. Project completion confirmation is obtained. Continuous support is also available.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Agile Software Development Services

We deliver only the best for our valued customers

Agile is all about software development that thrives on adaptability and quick, iterative progress. Think of it as building and tweaking software in manageable chunks, allowing for speedy adjustments based on feedback. This means the final product is more aligned with what users actually need and want, reducing risks and boosting its business value.

Embracing Agile methods helps companies respond swiftly to market changes, speeding up the development process while keeping costs down. It’s like navigating with a GPS, constantly recalibrating to find the best route, ensuring the software is engineered and validated efficiently to maximize its impact.

Why choose a native app? Native apps fully utilize the operating system’s features, providing a smooth and optimized user experience. They also offer the highest level of data security.

Publishing costs: In the Apple Store, individuals pay $99 annually, while companies pay $299. For the Google Play Store, there’s a one-time fee of $25.

When you partner with us for Agile development services, you gain the advantage of our expertise in delivering flexible, high-quality software solutions. Here’s a guide to help you understand how we can best serve your project’s needs through various contracting models:

Assessing Your Project Needs

We begin by understanding the unique requirements of your project:

  • Scope of Work: Whether your project has a well-defined scope or evolving requirements, we can adapt.
  • Flexibility: We offer solutions that accommodate any level of adaptability you need.
  • Risk Management: We provide options that balance risk between us and our clients.

Selecting the Right Contract Model

To ensure the best fit for your project, we offer several Agile contract models:

Time and Materials/Capped T&M

  • Ideal For: Projects where requirements may evolve, and flexibility is paramount.
  • Pros: High flexibility with close collaboration, allowing us to adapt swiftly to your direction.
  • Cons: We take measures to mitigate risks of underperformance, ensuring quality deliverables.

Fixed Price per Sprint

  • Ideal For: Projects with defined sprint goals where our team manages the Scrum process.
  • Pros: We guarantee accountability for each sprint’s output, providing a clear and simple pricing structure per sprint team size. This model maintains flexibility as the scope is defined per sprint.
  • Cons: While penalties for quality issues are in place, our focus remains on delivering high-quality work without compromising velocity.

Fixed Price per Story Point

  • Ideal For: Projects with a strong shared understanding of Story Point value, focusing on complexity-based payment.
  • Pros: Payments are aligned with the complexity of work, ensuring you pay for actual value delivered.
  • Cons: We ensure a mutual understanding of Story Point values to maintain transparency and fairness.

Fixed Price – Outcome Based

  • Ideal For: Projects with a well-documented customer vision needing commercial certainty.
  • Pros: We commit to delivering specific outcomes for an agreed price, ensuring you achieve your project goals. This model provides straightforward pricing tied to the results we deliver.
  • Cons: While pricing accurately requires detailed scope definition upfront, our thorough planning process ensures alignment with your vision.

Clear Contract Terms

We ensure clarity and transparency in all contract terms:

  • Scope and Deliverables: Clearly defined to match your project needs.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Detailed roles of both our team and yours to ensure smooth collaboration.
  • Payment Terms: Structured to align with the chosen model, ensuring fair and transparent financial agreements.
  • Performance Metrics: We set clear metrics to measure performance and quality.
  • Flexibility Clauses: Provisions for adapting scope and requirements to meet your evolving needs.
  • Risk Management: Shared risk management strategies to protect your interests.

Promoting Collaboration and Communication

  • Regular Reviews: Frequent check-ins and reviews to ensure alignment and address any issues promptly.
  • Transparency: Open communication channels for effective collaboration.
  • Feedback Loops: Continuous feedback mechanisms to improve and adapt the project.

Engaging Legal and Procurement Early

  • Legal Review: Our legal team ensures the contract meets your standards and protects your interests.
  • Procurement Involvement: Early engagement with your procurement team to streamline the contract approval process.

By partnering with us, you can trust that we will deliver Agile development services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration. Let us help you achieve your project goals with our expertise and commitment to excellence.

At Pixxel Solutions, the process typically goes as follows:

  1. Send an Inquiry: You can send us an inquiry via live chat, email, or phone.
  2. Introduction Meeting: We schedule an introduction meeting to understand your situation and identify value-adding opportunities.
  3. Free Proposal: You will receive a free proposal outlining the scope of work, technical solution, deliverables, team composition, cost estimates, project timelines, risks, and our risk mitigation strategy.
  4. Service Agreement: We sign a service agreement that legally sets out our mutual obligations and rights.
  5. Project Team: You can trust us to assemble a project team, or we can discuss competencies individually and interview candidates. Once the team is approved, we can get started!

Absolutely. Just describe your idea or problem in simple terms. Our consultants will help you create detailed project requirements, turn the idea into an actionable concept, and quickly assess its technical and economic feasibility.

Yes, schedule an initial consultation with us. Before we start working together, you will always receive a cost estimate from us as a software agency.

Based on our experience, the costs for software development projects range from €25,000–€150,000+ (for a medium-complexity mobile app) up to €800,000–€4,000,000 (for a large-scale system with big data and AI). Schedule an initial consultation to quickly see if our prices fit your budget before we collaborate.

Of course. We are willing to sign an NDA before an introduction meeting to legally protect your sensitive data and intellectual property. In our projects, we create secure and well-controlled collaboration environments through the use of protection and detection mechanisms, as well as robust physical security measures.

The delivered code is solely yours; the ownership rights are specified in a service agreement.

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