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Pixxel solution has developed a customized B2B order management software for Strassl Schaider to collect all deliveries and locations in a single, easy-to-use software for the employees.




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06.01.2024 - Today

About The Client

Strassl Schaider is a top hairdressing company in Austria. It has more than 50 locations and almost 500 employees. This family-owned business has been around for over 35 years, making it one of the biggest in its field.






Worldcup Champion

The Challenge

They offer a wide variety of products from different brands in their studios. Previously, ordering these items was done manually by the studio managers using several platforms, which was time-consuming and often led to errors. This method also made it hard for the CEOs to accurately track how well the studios were doing with their product sales.

We Worked on

Partnership Goal

The Aim Was To Create A Single, User-Friendly Software That Combines All Suppliers And Products, Streamlining Ordering And Inventory Management, And Offering CEOs A Comprehensive Overview.

“Pixxel Solutions brought all their logistics needs together in one platform, saving both time and money”

Tech Information

Our first project with Strassl Schaider Company allowed us to get to know each other. During this project, we were their tech team.

For this project, Pixxel Solutions assigned a System Architect, 1 Developer, a Designer and 1 Project Managers.

Our Partnership​

After four months of hard work, our team created a web application. It’s now used in 50 places to help manage logistics more efficiently.

Technology Used


Our team used TypeScript and the Nest.js framework for the backend, and a combination of MongoDB and other data services for the database. Our UX experts designed a user-friendly interface, which we then developed into a great React frontend. The final product was set up on local servers, packed with everything needed for a scalable cloud solution.


Our key accomplishments included:

Deliver the project with a product team recommended by 98% of CTOs

Our client was really pleased with how we communicated during the project. We were always there to help throughout the development process. After finishing the project, we didn’t just show the application to their employees; we also happily answered any questions that came up later. This great teamwork made both of us happy and opened doors for us to work on more additions to the project in the future.

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Mark JK Parker
CEO of schaider.at

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