Logistics Management

In 2022, Pixxel Solution created a logistics management software, which Nackad employed to effectively test their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).




Food E-commerce


01.01.2022 - 01.06.2023

About The Client

Nackad, a startup, is a zero-waste online grocery store with a unique, deposit-free reusable system. They specialize in delivering groceries without creating any waste, leading the way in eco-friendly shopping.


Packaging Saved

+400 m²



Customer Retention

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many food delivery startups emerged. Nackad seized this chance to trial their idea of a zero-waste online grocery store. Their goal was to test how appealing this concept was to the market and to gather strong performance data to attract investors. This strategy was key in their plans to secure funding and expand their business beyond Vienna, showcasing their unique, eco-friendly approach to grocery delivery.

Unsere Arbeit

Partnership Goal

The aim was to develop logistics management software that includes a web store, an online payment system, a delivery system and an employee picking system, thus creating a solid foundation for operations.

“Pixxel Solutions sucsessfully created an MVP after 3 months”

Tech Information

We were not only involved in this project but also acted as their dedicated software development team for the entire duration of the company’s existence.
For this project, Pixxel Solutions assigned 1 developer, a designer and 1 project manager.

Our Partnership

In just three months, our Pixxel Solution team developed a logistics management software, significantly aiding Nackad in launching and testing their startup.

Verwendete Technologie


Our team helped the client use existing tools effectively, setting up a Node.js Express backend that worked with Shopify and Shopware. We used the MERN Stack and Ionic for the staff app, and created custom apps for Shopify and Shopware for management.


Our key accomplishments included:

Create a MVP with your project just like our partner did

We serve both startups and big companies, using agile development to quickly meet our customers’ needs. Our ability to regularly release new features every week has attracted attention in the industry. Other companies wanted to use our solution, and thanks to our successful track record, we could easily adapt our code to fit another webshop system. This led to both customers being very satisfied with our work.

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Mark JK Parker
CEO of schaider.at

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